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Saturday 2 October 2021, 20:00 Zuiderkerk Amsterdam (NL).
Concert Olli's Celestial Lights with Olli Mustonen (piano) and Emmanuel Franco (baritone).

L.v. Beethoven piano sonate Opus 2 No.2
B. Martinů sonate for cello and piano No. 3,
J. Sibelius Cantique and Devotion Opus 77
O. Mustonen Taivaanvalot for tenor (baritone), cello and piano.

Reservations mandatory!

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21-22 October 2021, Masterclass Akademie für Tonkunst​ Darmstadt, Germany
Masterclass chambermusic Thursday 11-15 and Friday 10-1
Faculty concert together with pianist Sabine Simon. Repertoire TBA

Concert series 'Vriendenconcerten'

Pamela Smits is founder of the concert series Vriendenconcerten and artistic director of Foundation Vriendenconcerten since 2013. See below for Archive previous seasons.

Nine concerts of this series takes place at the beautiful 17th century church, the Zuiderkerk in the heart of old Amsterdam. The Misa Criolla Christmas concerts also take place in Utrecht, Beekbergen and Haarlem (NL).

Season 2021-2022
First upcoming concert: 
: Saturday 2 October 2021, at 20:00 hrs. 

Poster Credit Patrick Keeler

Olli Mustonen – piano
Emmanuel Franco – baritone
Pamela Smits – cello

'A musical force of nature' is how Finnish pianist Olli Mustonen is often described. The worldwide acclaimed artist has a remarkable career as a pianist/composer and conductor and tonight can be heard in a double role together with the Mexican baritone Emmanuel Franco and cellist Pamela Smits.

The fairytale-like scenery of the Finnish celestial lights is home to the mythical creatures who come alive through the ancient folk poetry of the Kalevala. Inspired by this epic work, Mustonen wrote Taivaanvalot. "I have felt that with the help of music it might be possible to convey some of those untranslatable, at times even hypnotic and shamanic qualities of this poetry also to an audience not fluent in our unusual language.’"

Experience the magical world of music, in which the young piano virtuoso Beethoven crushed his opponents in Vienna salons in direct duals with his ingenious improvisation skills, and in which mythical creatures dwell in the Bohemian forests.

Become entranced by the green, purple, and blue colours of the Northern Lights in Scandinavian nature, in an imaginary world created by three passionate musicians.



Stichting Vriendenconcerten (Foundation Vriendenconcerten)

ABN AMRO Bank: NL45ABNA053.76.04.693?

Opening Church and Ticketcounter:
30 minutes before the start of a concert
Saturday at 19:30 hrs.
Sunday at 15:00 hrs.

Tickets and reservations:
T +31 6 3076 0224

Build in the Dutch renaissance style this beautiful 17th century church is situated between the Waterlooplein and the Nieuwmarkt right in the center of Amsterdam.

De Zuiderkerk
Zuiderkerkhof 71
1011 WB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 20 308 03 99



Program Proposals

Selection of program proposals for recitals in the season 2018/2019:

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Cello Solo:
Heaven and Hell

Cello and Piano with pianist Tobias Borsboom
Love and Death  Romantic program
Bohemian Rhapsody Czech program
Maître et Apprenti  French program with a teacher-pupil line

All-time Favourites Easy-listening romantic cello favourites program
Hungarian Canvas Hungarian cello/piano program, with Kodály cello solo sonata

Cello and Double Bass with double bass player Quirijn van Regteren Altena:
Deep Feelings and Moments Musical 


Considerations concerning other repertoire is open for discussions. 
See also repertoire list..

Or, feel free to send an email to Pamela via and she will be happy to contact you directly to consider the various ideas.



Pentachord Ensemble


Pentachord, a row of five strings. Five renowned musicians founded this ensemble sharing a passion for piano quintets and chambermusic.
- Effacta Productions

For bookings or information please contact Effacta Productions:

Guido Nederlof
 T  +31 23 - 532 4690


The Pentachord Ensemble
Maarten den Hengst - piano
Emi Ohi Resnick - violin
Mikhail Zemtsov -viola
Pamela Smits - cello
Quirijn van Regteren Altena - double bass
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Program proposals:

Program Purcell, Arensky, F. Martin or Mahler and Trout
Program Piano quintets of Vaughan Williams and Schubert
Program Duo's and Schubert or Vaughan Williams piano quintet

Program Penta Plus. Mozart and Dvo?ák stringquintets and Mendelssohn pianosextet with Giles Francis violin and viola.


 Download Portfolio hr.-photos of the Pentachord Ensemble

"From the first note of the famous quintet the Pentachord Ensemble overwhelmed with their lightness, precision and very agile way of playing. Schubert escaped from all the clichés. Also is in all their smaller group arrangements The Pentachord a joy to the eye and ear, because of the dedicated music making of the musicians. A sparkling ensemble that left the audience of the museumchurch of Schokland in awe."

-from a review of the Noordoostpolder newspaper.


"The Trout Quintet can be reckoned among the gems of classical music. Of the Dutch music ensembles the Pentachord threads a long chain of gems with their way of playing. Moreover, for the entire ensemble applies that they posses a special musical gift and that they feel intensely connected to their instruments, one can see that, one can hear that." 

-from a review of the Nieuwe Meerbode, Aalsmeer (NL)